Our Edge

Our Edge – Best Pre School in Noida

  • More than 2000 learning activities, songs and art projects so your child is continuously offered fresh activities to make learning fun and stimulating.
  • Puppet Theater and Story Telling that inspires the imagination and at the same time help in forming a system of values and an understanding of different people and their lives around the world.
  • Language development activities to build confidence, develop personality and communication skills.
  • Physical activity in Play Area, Indoor Gym, Swings and Slide, Ball Pool, Sand & Water play develop physical co-ordination and a healthy body.
  • Stage performance with carefully chosen themes help children not only learn cultures around the world but help boost their confidence levels.
  • Offers seven stimulating Learning Centers including Math & Manipulative, Science & Sensorial, Reading & Listening, Montessori, Dramatic Play, Construction & Design and Creativity Art Incorporates hundreds of new books that are used during group activities as well as in the Seven Learning Centers.
  • Weekly lesson planning in which the teacher selects a daily focus for your child.
  • Portfolios kept for each child to gather and display all their work throughout the year – includes your child’s Development Progress Chart.
  • Promotes social, emotional, cognitive, verbal, and creative development offers “Interest” Centers where your child can chose to participate in several learning – based activities – Book and Storytelling Center, Creative Arts Center, Water and Sand Center, Play station and Games Center, Puzzles and lock Center.
  • Regular Family connection Communication highlights developing friendships among children; activities performed, and key milestones.
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