School Managed By Hello Parent App

We are a technology platform run by alumni of DCE and IIM Ahmedabad. We provide complete integrated mobile solutions that help schools in Marketing, Security, Operations and brand building. We intend to the interface between the parents and the schools that help them connect in a much easier and faster way. This not only helps to have happier parents but also builds school brand through word of mouth feedback from the parents. Join the revolution to make parents a part of their child’s growth.

More benefits when you connect with Hello Parent

User convenience and data security are the top most priorities for Hello Parent

SMS/Email Integration

The system automatically identifies the parents not connected with the app and sends them SMS/Email ensuring they are not left out.

Secured Data Access

Hosted on one of the most reliable servers on the cloud. Data is 128-bit SSL secured(Bank level security) and the platform has ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS level 1& HIPAA certifications.

Moderated Messaging

Institutes can send messages to all the parents but parents can send message only to the school.

Caring for your child

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